• Our vision is that all people are empowered and valued within our community

  • Based in the West Pilbara we provide a range of services for people with disabilities, their families and carers
  • Our strong partnerships with individuals and organisations assist us to deliver responsive and flexible services
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Welcome to EPIC

EPIC Inc is a not for profit organisation that was established in 2012 to deliver quality and reliable services to individuals with a disability and their families, carers and or guardians. Our vision is that all people are empowered and valued in the community.

We came into being because individuals and families living in the region were seeking quality supports and services that were locally governed. These local champions worked with Disability Services Commission,  the Community Living Association and other interested people to establish EPIC.

EPIC has a panel contract with Disability Services Commission for individually funded and family support services and has preferred service provider status.

EPIC is also a panel service provider for the Department of Child Protection under the Disability Placement and Support Program.

Our focus is getting to know the people who are seeking supports and services and plan with you to achieve your goals. We are outcome focused and deliver supports and services in person and family centred ways.

Our team is made up of support workers, co-resident, administration officer, project officers and coordinators who are all highly committed to our values, and the desire to see EPIC grow and succeed. Together we support people identify and achieve their goals in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner and to explore every possible avenue for individual and community growth.