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Career Guidance

The world of work is constantly changing and evolving.

Most people can expect to have a diverse career made up of a number of different occupations through their lifetime. So when it comes to employability, what is really valuable? Is it your skills or your ability to develop skills? What about your working life and its effect on your family, household and relationships? Have you got a plan for your career?

Our Career Centre team can help you answer these questions as well as discover new career options through an easy career exploration and planning process. We offer one-on-one tailored advice with the aid of specialised career guidance software and online resources.

And importantly we have LOCAL information about your training and education options, the local employment market and even whom to talk to in the community to further your career. We can also assist in searching for work and preparing a winning resume.

Each Careers Centre has FREE computer and internet access. Whether you are just starting your career, re-entering the workforce or looking for a new career, our trained and experienced team have the right resources to assist you. Get in touch and talk to us about your career.

Work Experience

We can assist you to search for work experience in an area that interests you. Work experience is a short-term industry placement with a host employer where you:

  • observe different aspects of work in a particular industry and assist with tasks;

  • develop a range of skills and knowledge in an industry setting; and

  • demonstrate certain competencies

We can also assist by providing personal accident insurance. When you speak with potential work experience employers mention that EPIC’s Careers Centres can provide insurance cover at no cost. Being upfront about this gives them less reason to say no. To be eligible for the cover your work experience must be unpaid and you must be a registered client of your local EPIC Career Centre.

For further information on insurance and work experience and please get in touch.

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