Ideas for Bright Careers Workshop

The Ideas for Bright Careers workshop is aimed at students from Years 9 to 10. The workshop explores:

  • What a career really is – an accumulation of all life experiences and roles
  • Reflecting on the types of things we do in life that we enjoy, why we do them and what we get out of them
  • Linking what we get out of doing those things that we enjoy to the types of things that we also get from work
  • Looking at different ways of exploring and discovering what we are good at and what we enjoy, and how to use that knowledge to investigate careers and different types of employment
  • Looking at a few different career exploration tools
  • Reflecting on a couple of case studies of different career pathways that resulted in the same type of job
  • The cycle of life-long learning and reflection in terms of career development: Knowing Yourself; Finding Out; Making Decisions; and Taking Action.

Run time; 1hr in both Karratha SHS and St Lukes College throughout the year with the year 9 students.