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Disability Services

Our aim is to support you to be able to live your life just the way you want.

Just like everyone in our community you have abilities, goals and passions. It’s our role to provide assistance and support so you can live in your community, develop relationships, get involved in work or study, pursue leisure interests and develop skills and independence.

We believe that communities are at their best when everyone contributes, everyone is heard and everyone is supported. By listening to you and your family and working together in a partnership, we aim to support you to get the most out of your life and live successfully in our community.

You can find out more about our disability services here. For general information on the provision of disability services and resources in WA, visit Disability Services Commission Western Australia.

The NDIS Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct requires workers and providers who deliver NDIS supports to:

act with respect for individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination, and decision-making in accordance with relevant laws and conventions

respect the privacy of people with disability

provide supports and services in a safe and competent manner with care and skill


act with integrity, honesty, and transparency

promptly take steps to raise and act on concerns about matters that might have an impact on the quality and safety of supports provided to people with disability

take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to all forms of violence, exploitation, neglect, and abuse of people with disability

take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct

How we support you

We offer a range of services to support you to live your life the way you want. Because our approach is so tailored, the amount, frequency and type of support you require will be very individualised.

You can find out more about our approach and the steps we take together to design your program here.


The types of services we can offer you are comprehensive. To give you an idea of what we offer and how we can support you, our disability services cover the following.

  • Community inclusion support – Providing a support worker who helps you to actively participate and become involved in your community.

  • Personal care in-home – Providing assistance with day-to-day activities such as personal care, grooming, and meal preparation, to help you live as independently as possible.

  • Co-resident staff – Arranging for you to live with suitable people in your home who provide companionship and personal care, and who will support you to develop relationships and community connections. Please note co-residents are staff.

  • In-home respite and out-of-home respite – Allowing your family or carer to have a break, by providing you with a support worker in your home or at another setting.

  • Community living support – Providing visiting support workers to help with budgeting, meal preparation, skill development, and chores like grocery shopping and housework.

  • Domestic assistance – Assisting with activities inside or outside your home to keep it maintained. This can include gardening maintenance when it’s not available from other sources.

  • Family support – Arranging for a support worker to attend your family’s activities either in the home or in the community. These activities can be as varied as an outing to the beach or a community festival, or a family celebration at home.

  • Mentoring and coaching – Providing a support worker to mentor you and help you maintain your informal supports and relationships. This support can be very flexible and responsive to your changing needs.

  • Learning and life skills – Supporting you to engage in learning and skill development activities.

  • Assistance to gain employment – Support Workers assist people with job searching, prevocational skills, training advice and support, volunteer work and work experience and coordination with employment agencies and employers.

  • Post school employment assistance – Supporting you as you finish school with pre-vocational training, resume writing, interview techniques, career guidance, volunteer work and work experience, training and support. This can include coordinating with employment agencies and employers.

  • Physical wellbeing activities – Assisting you to engage in activities such as exercise, learning about and practicing good nutrition, and investigating healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Accommodation support – Providing support workers so you can share a suitable home with others.

For more information on these services or to discuss your requirements please get in touch.

Our approach

EPIC is person-centered in our approach as we tailor our services to suit your needs.

We listen to you and your family, and then together we create a plan that has specific goals and strategies to achieve the outcomes that you want.

Step 1

Tell us about yourself

We don’t need all the answers straight away, we’ll work on your goals and aspirations together over time.

Step 2

Let's get creative

Once we have a picture of your needs, we will create an support plan to suit you and your family. You tell us how you want your support to look and we will make a commitment to be reliable and consistent.

Step 3

Find your perfect match

Your support worker will spend time building a relationship and working in a proactive way to support you and your family. You can be as involved in this process as you wish and have your say in whom you want to work with.

Step 4

Regular planning and review

We understand that life situations change, so we are flexible, adaptable and responsive to suit your life and support your family’s needs.

Families and Carers

An important aspect of our disability services is our work supporting the families and carers of people with disabilities.  If you provide unpaid care and support to a family member with a disability we can offer you a range of services.

  • Support groups – We run monthly support groups for unpaid carers in Karratha, Hedland, and Newman. These groups provide you with a safe environment to share your experiences, as well as an opportunity to meet new people and establish a supportive network.

  • Short breaks – In 2018 we collaborated with Helping Minds to run a series of pampering and relaxation days for carers. They were a huge success and we hope to be able to offer a similar program in the future.

  • Respite – It is essential for family members and carers to have regular breaks from their caring duties. This kind of respite also offers a meaningful opportunity for people with disabilities to develop skills and friendships and enjoy new experiences away from the usual care routine. Residential respite involves short-term stays away from home in our respite houses in Karratha, Hedland, and Kalgoorlie.

Please get in touch for more information on how we can support you and your family.

Karratha Respite

Port Hedland Respite

Kalgoorlie Respite

NDIS Explained

At EPIC we believe in your potential and supporting you to make real choices in your life. Our aim is to support you to be able to live your life just the way you want.

As a registered provider under the NDIS WA, EPIC will be by your side on your NDIS WA journey.
For more information please contact 9185 0000.