Disability Services

Our aim is to support you to be able to live your life just the way you want.

Just like everyone in our community you have abilities, goals and passions. It’s our role to provide assistance and support so you can live in your community, develop relationships, get involved in work or study, pursue leisure interests and develop skills and independence.

We believe that communities are at their best when everyone contributes, everyone is heard and everyone is supported. By listening to you and your family and working together in a partnership, we aim to support you to get the most out of your life and live successfully in our community.

You can find out more about our disability services here. For general information on the provision of disability services and resources in WA, visit Disability Services Commission Western Australia.

National Standards for Disability Services

EPIC meets the six National Standards for Disability Services as follows:

1.     Rights
EPIC believes that each person with a disability has rights and should be respected at all times.

2.     Participation & Inclusion
EPIC encourages and supports individuals to actively participate in their community life in the way they choose.

3.     Individuals Outcome
It is EPIC’s policy that each person with a disability be supported to exercise choice and control over the design and delivery of their support and services.

4.     Feedback & Complaints
EPIC strongly believes that feedback, including complaints, suggestions and compliments are crucial to ensuring effective and high quality service delivery and the continual improvement of services and systems.

5.     Service Access
EPIC’s access to services is clear, transparent and non-discriminatory so that all people are treated equitably and fairly.

6.     Service Management
EPIC’s governance framework meets relevant legislation requirements and ethically governs its financial and human resources to maximise quality outcomes for people with disabilities, their families and carers. EPIC’s quality management system drives and directs continuous quality improvement across the organisation.