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Education and Training

Education is important in life. It gives you the skills and tools you need to pilot the world. Without education, people would not be able to read, write, calculate or communicate. With the right education and training, you gain the ability to perform a job competently, accurately, and safely.

Department of Education for Apprenticeships and Traineeships
Here you will find detailed information about apprenticeships and traineeships in Western Australia.

The Jobs and Skills Centre
The Jobs & Skills Centre is a resource for Western Australians of all ages to promote the importance of lifelong career planning throughout every stage of their life.

Narbil Training
Have extensive experience in the Construction and Hospitality industries and specialise in providing training and safety-related services such as White Card, RSA, etc.

My Future
Information about career planning and education, and training options for Australian jobs.

Trades Recognition Australia
Information on skills recognition and how to have your skills formally recognised.

Workforce Development WA
This website is a helpful tool to assist you in your search for work.

VET COURSE, Apprenticeships and Traineeships and National Register of VET DIRECTORY
Browse Hundreds of TAFE, Diploma, Uni & Short Courses.

North Regional TAFE
You live in the Pilbara and want to study, here you can find local courses.

Aptitude tests
This site offers the opportunity to practice the type of tests and questionnaires used every day by leading employers.

Institute of Psychometric Coaching
Free Practice Psychometric Testing, Coaching, Test Examples with Explanations – Preparing You for Aptitude Tests & Personality Tests.

Open Colleges
This is the site for you to hunt-and-gather training news and industry insights in the universe of eLearning and Education Technology.

Trade Set

TradeSET is a free service provided by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) to help you understand how trade occupations operate in Australia.

Gap Year
Are you transitioning from school to work or University? Have you finished University and are looking for the next thing? Been in your job for a few years and fancy a career break?
Have you thought about taking a GAP YEAR?
More and more employers are recognising the benefits of employing people who have had a ‘Gap Year’ and seeing the transferable skills and experience those who do can offer their company.
And personally, it will make you a more interesting individual with a wider range of experience, personal stories and give you the opportunity to discover more about other cultures and values – which will really help you when you do move into the workplace.