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Support Coordination

A Support Coordinator can help you to connect with services in your area, or to

coordinate all of the supports and services in your NDIS plan. Our Support Coordinators are well connected in the community, have many years of experience, and have wide networks, they can give you information that helps with decision-making.

How we can help you:

  • Understand your plan and what supports and services you can pay for with your NDIS funding

  • Understand what is the responsibility of other services, such as the health or education systems, or your state or territory government

  • Connect with the community and other government services

  • Find providers who meet your needs and will help you achieve your goals

  • Put Service Agreements and service bookings in place with your providers

  • A point of contact if you have questions, concerns, or something in your life changes

  • Support you at your plan review

Our Specialist Support Coordinator (SSC) is passionate about ensuring all services you need are optimized.

Our EPIC Specialist Support Coordinator has extensive experience in the disability sector and will:

  • Help you to understand your NDIS plan.

  • Provide you with options and direction to the appropriate services for your needs, as well as build your capacity.

  • Collaborates with many service areas including, Employment, Community Services, Education, Health, Financial Assistance, and Justice departments to achieve your NDIS goals.

  • Where you have a diversity of services offering you support with complex issues, and SSC can simplify and help you understand your contracts.

  • An SSC will assist you with your NDIS funding to ensure your goals are met accordingly.

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