Gap Year Workshop

EPIC Career Centre were asked to present their Gap Year Workshop to the Year 12 Newman Senior High School students – giving students information about the choices and opportunities that are available following school and throughout their lifelong learning journey.

Many of the students have only been informed about tertiary education, employment and traineeships/apprenticeships when they complete year 12, so this workshop presents them with ideas and choices that are fresh and new to them. This workshop has been developed to engage students via informative and relatable videos and narrative around taking a Gap Year and the options that are available to them.
Georgie McInerney, our Community Coordinator discussed filling the year with purpose, developing a range of transferable skills to support future endeavours and build on personal skill sets. There are a range of ways you can spend a gap year or career break including travel, paid work, volunteering programs, internships, paid gap programs and much more – even some humorous and lifestyle videos also.
The feedback after the session was really positive and all students came and took further information and materials including the pros and cons of taking a gap year information, the ADF gap year and AuPair information. Each student also received some useful web-links to Gap Year programs, providers, resources and some Australian based research around Gap Years and the value and skills that they develop in people.
After the session there was an informal 5 minute Q & A where students could come and ask questions.

This workshop helped the student to expand their knowledge and keep an open mind for their future endeavours. The feedback we received from them was fantastic:

  • “It really made me to want to take a gap year and expand my experiences so I can get to know the world and what it has to offer”
  • “I did expand my knowledge, it really helped me know it’s ok to have a gap year”
  • “The session today gave me an insight on the many different options that we really have when we’re stuck and don’t know what to do”
  • “The gap year had me thinking about what you could do in life such as experiences different things and exploring something new that I didn’t know. There was so much knowledge in the Holiday session.”
  • “Due to the fact that the information that was given was excellent and made have an open mind on the idea of a Gap Year – it was perfect!”


This workshop shows EPIC alongside all other programs, workshops and events we run, how important it is to support and empower communities to enlarge and improve peoples lives.