Protective Behaviours in the Pilbara

The Protective Behaviours Workshops teach and promote the concepts of emotional literacy, empowerment, assertiveness, problem solving and understanding of safety. In teaching these concepts and strategies, Protective Behaviours aims to prevent abuse, increase safety and reduce violence in our communities. In light of the recent arrests of 30 men on 300 counts of child sex abuse in Karratha and Roebourne, this workshop sadly, is a necessity.

Sarah Taylor who leads the workshops, has been a Police Officer for 15 years in Australia and the UK, as a Detective, Investigator, Sexual Offences Officer and Interviewer for Children and Vulnerable Adults. Sarah works for the WA Police in the Pilbara Family Protection Unit and has been a Protective Behaviours Trainer for five years. Sarah’s workshops were held at the Dampier Community Hub 9th May 2017 and in Karratha at the Leisureplex 10th May. There were 20 participants over the 2 sessions.

Participants were stunned but engaged with some of the content presented in the first half of the workshop, which focuses on statistics and ‘case studies’ of recent West Australian sex crimes – there are many. The second half of the workshop focused on ten topic areas such as feeling safe, early warning signs and personal space concluding with theme and program reinforcement.

Overall it was a success and we are proud to have been given the opportunity to coordinate such an important workshop to educate, empower and simply support communities in the Pilbara.

Organisations involved were WA Child Safety Services; EPIC; City of Karratha; North West Shelf Project; Government of Western Australia.
Protective Behaviours workshops were funded by the City of Karratha and coordinated by EPIC