So, I started my own Garden Business…

Earlier this year Peter Hosie began doing some small gardening jobs for friends around town. He enjoyed the work and the interaction with people so much so that he could imagine himself providing this service on a bigger scale in the community.

Together with his Support Worker Guillaume and Tony, Peter started to take over gardening jobs during his support shifts with EPIC. After a slow start Peter decided to begin advertising “Peters Gardening” not only within EPIC, but also in the wider community with the help from some self-made flyers. Peter is now providing gardening services to customers and companies in Karratha, Dampier and Roebourne. With the development of the small business came the need for better equipment. EPIC was able to assist Peter to purchase a trailer which he is now paying off with the profits of his gardening jobs. Peter was also lucky enough to get some other gardening tools donated from Fortescue Metals Ltd.

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