Why Georgie loves working for EPIC…

I love being able to be part of a community and positively contribute and my position in EPIC has in short enabled me to do what I love.
When I first decided to work at EPIC I was driven by my desire to utilise my community development experience and embark on an exciting new challenge that would fuel my growth mindset and sustain my need to work after raising my children. Engaging with people and empowering them to make choices and self-determine their futures, as well as creating safe and supportive spaces where they can grow develop and be encouraged to participate in our community has been the absolute highlight of my role as Community & Careers Coordinator. Over the past 3 years I have been empowered myself to develop and grow by those I work with in the organisation and those in the management team who have guided me in to community development and career guidance in the community. The EPIC team have always endeavoured to include me in their community and worked hard to overcome the geographical barriers, actively developing my strengths when they have been identified and taking advantage of my love of learning and creatively approaching projects to best grow myself and the organisation. Through the way my role has matured over the past few years, I see that EPIC environment has enabled me to thrive and flourish, I have been energised by the opportunities I have been given. By supporting me to achieve my goals and and recognising my value to the organisation EPIC have enabled to share my inclusive capacities with others and I have been endorsed to drive my own vocation in the role whilst being accountable for my decisions and learning from others, this in turn has had a positive impact on those I work with in the organisation and in the community as I pass that positive circle of value that has been invested in me on to colleagues, individuals and key stakeholders.
I live and breathe my passion for community and helping others, and through collaboration with other staff and stakeholders feel this role empowers me to be responsive and promote EPIC’s values and strengthen our capacity to improve the way in which we work with the individuals and community to ascertain their needs and strategically engage with everyone to ensure each person can sustain the lifestyle and goals they have.

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