Steve’s EPIC Career Success…

Steve Wekunda was a regular at EPIC in Karratha for most of July and August 2016. He would come in daily – sometimes twice a day to check the job board and to use the computers to apply for work.

Although Steve has a lovely nature and a positive attitude he did confide in Kath that he was starting to get concerned that he might not find any work in Karratha and that was really dampening his spirit. A Site Attendant Operator position was advertised on Seek for the City of Karratha. Although Steve really wanted the position, he was hesitant about applying because he had heard a rumour that 700 people had submitted applications. Kath encouraged him to apply and that they had to hire someone and that someone might just be him.

She also then told him of her own recent experience and explained that her new position at EPIC was highly sought after and had drawn a lot of attention. She told Steve that if she could get her dream job then he had every chance too. Steve came into the office on Friday 2nd September to let Kath and the other staff members at EPIC know that he got the job. He had started the week before and this was his first day off. It was his first opportunity to visit in office hours and he was so appreciative that he felt compelled to tell us of his good news. He was positively beaming. He was so very grateful for all the support he had received at EPIC and he has happily recommended us to other job seekers. Well done Kath! This story is a tribute to your hard work in your new position.

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