Who we are

EPIC is a not for profit organisation operating in the Pilbara & Goldfields regions of Western Australia.

EPIC stands for Empowering People in Communities – and essentially that is what we do. Through a range of services and programs we support many people to live a more connected life.

Every person deserves to be a part of a community, however some people experience barriers that make it hard to be included. EPIC helps to break down those barriers by providing practical assistance and encouragement through career enrichment and capacity building programs, providing support to people with disabilities and their carers, and engaging the wider community in events and activities.

EPIC was founded in 2012 when the Pilbara community identified a need for locally governed, high quality services for people with disabilities. Local champions and advocates worked with the Disability Services Commission and the Community Living Association to establish EPIC.

Since then we have grown and flourished by partnering with other like-minded organisations in the Pilbara. In July 2015 EPIC merged with Pilbara Joblink, and in September 2016 we welcomed Local Information Network Karratha (LINK) into the EPIC family. Both of these steps have provided our community with stronger and more varied services.

Our team is committed to supporting people in the Pilbara region to identify and achieve their goals in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner and to explore every possible avenue for personal and community growth.

We are EPIC in name and strive to be epic in nature.