Our Management Team

We would like you to meet our team.

Stephanie Soter, Chief Executive Officer

 “At EPIC we imagine with our minds, believe with our hearts and achieve with our mights.”

Stephanie is passionate about empowering people to live well in our community – so she fits right in at EPIC.

As our CEO she provides her skills, knowledge and experience to provide leadership, accountability and governance. With a Bachelor of Commerce, a Master of Business Administration, a Certificate IV in Career Development and years of relevant professional experience, Stephanie brings a lot of skills to the table as EPIC’s founding CEO. She worked in the financial, educational and community engagement sectors before finding her home in community services where organisational values tend to be a good match for her.

Rebecca Phelan, Disability Manager

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”  – Samuel Beckett

Rebecca’s passion is working with people with disability and mental health stems from growing up in her parents’ Life-Sharing Community in Ireland, where people with disabilities live and work together with their supports as a large extended family, sharing the same joys, sorrows, satisfactions and frustrations that all families do.

With an Hons in Psychology, her experience has been varied from Support Work to various Coordination and Facilitator roles with numerous community service organisations across Australia and Europe. Rebecca’s focus is to ensure that all people with disability are given the opportunity to live a quality life.

Jacqui Harkness, Community Manager

Information coming soon! 🙂


Maggie Beattie, Project Manager

“People may forget what you said. People may forget what you did. People will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou.

Maggie’s passion is around supporting people to feel valued and empowered so they recognise and celebrate their self-worth, and can tackle any challenges on their life journey. That kind of passion is pretty common at EPIC and that’s why she joined our team.

Maggie has lived and worked in the Pilbara since 2006 – which pretty much makes her a local. She has extensive experience working both nationally and internationally with government agencies and community organisations, so she brings us a lot of skills and knowledge. Maggie is responsible for the delivery of our Disability Support Services across the Pilbara.

Romain Pignataro, Corporate Manager

‘The strength of purpose and the clarity of your vision, along with the tenacity to pursue it, is your underlying driver of success’ – Ragy Thomas

Romain strongly values person-centred services alongside maintaining focus on organisational effectiveness, customer service and sustainability. As that sums up how we do things, you can see why he loves working at EPIC.

Romain has worked in various roles at EPIC since he joined in 2013, always contributing ideas and ways for us to continually improve what we do in order to benefit our Pilbara communities. As the Corporate Manager, Romain oversees EPIC’s HR department, Governance and Assets & Finances whilst ensuring we protect our team’s employment rights and strives to work towards best practice.
Both passionate and committed, Romain looks forward to contributing to the delivery of high quality services led by our communities for many years to come.