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Inclusive community events and programs in regional Western Australia

Everyone deserves to be a part of a rich, inclusive and exciting community. It’s time to welcome you into the EPIC neighbourhood! With enriching events and community programs for all ages, come join us to upskill, learn or be inspired by groups of people just like you.

Social events

Events for youth

Events for people with disabilities

Community events for adults

Come join the celebration at enriching community events

Whether you’re looking to meet new friends, broaden your cultural awareness or learn a new instrument. Welcome to the neighbourhood.


Throughout the year, Regional Western Australia communities unite to embrace our differences and truly connect.


Check out these EPIC community events


Mental Health Week

Across Karratha, Port Hedland and Newman, this annual event creates awareness around how the way we live, work and play affects our mental wellbeing. In

partnership with the WA Association for Mental Health, past events have included Southside Sk8, featuring local artists, clubs and community members. Keep an eye out in late September/early October.


Disability Awareness Week

In the first week of December each year, we celebrate all of EPIC’s participants and people living with disabilities with a range of activities. Designed to promote disability awareness and inclusion in the region, join us for multi- generational and accessible activities such as outdoor pool and movie nights, art galleries, morning teas, bingo and education around inclusion.



NAIDOC Week acknowledges the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and celebrates the culture and achievements of people in the EPIC neighbourhood. Run across Karratha, Port Hedland and Newman, this annual, week-long event runs in July and aims to unite community organisations, communities and people.


Carers Week

In collaboration with Carers WA, the third week of October is dedicated to celebrating all that carers do. Offering such a caring relationship is an important and often under-recognised role. As an organisation, we run events that aim to raise awareness of carers, carer supports and enriching services available to those in caring roles.

Browse bright community programs


Adult Resilience

Have you recently finished school, and are choosing your career, facing challenges at home or struggling in your social life? If you’re feeling stressed or anxious about exams, relationships, body image or life’s ups and downs, you’re not alone. This Adult Resilience program equips you with key skills to overcome challenges, find fulfilment and flourish in any stage of your life.


Friends For Life

Build social skills and resilience with this community program backed by the World Health Organisation and 12 years of research. Shown to reduce anxiety for children aged 8-11, participants learn to identify feelings, build confidence and positive

thinking, and improve self-esteemand bravery before entering their teenage years.


Drums are cool. We can both agree on that. But did you know they can also be an exceptional tool for social and emotional learning? Suited to children aged 8-11, Drumbeat uses drumming to discover relationships through music, beliefs, emotions, attitudes and thoughts. Using behavioural therapeutic principles, this program enables change through reconnection to ourselves and others.


Fun Friends

This exciting play-based group offers targeted prevention and early intervention programs for children aged 4-7. Here to guide participants through social and emotional development, Fun Friends teaches lifelong skills for building resilience during challenging times, while equipping participants with the personal skills to thrive.


My Friends Youth

Adolescence brings with it challenging transitions such as a greater study load, physical development and potentially peer pressure and friendship difficulties. My Friends Youth empowers all participants with coping skills and ways to navigate setbacks to successfully transition through the later years of high school.

Want to stay up to date with the latest events and programs?

We look forward to connecting you. Empowering you in the community is what we do. Reach out to learn more about upcoming events and how you can get involved.


We’re just an enquiry form or call on (08) 9185 0000 away!

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