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Community Programs

Pathways to employment

Family and parenting support

Life enrichment activities

Events that excite

Community programs to the beat of your drum

Feeling empowered in the community is an exciting part of life. The way you experience is your choice.


Whether you’d like to explore employment opportunities, attend festivals or try a salsa dance class.


It’s all – one, two, cha cha cha – here.


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Community inclusion support

A support worker to assist you during community activities and group involvement

Family support

A support worker to attend family activities at home or in the community

Parenting programs

Support, education, skill development and group connections for parents

Group activities

Hub-based social activities to fit with your individual goals, delivered in a

group setting

Community events

Large-scale festivals, expos and workshops for life enrichment shared with others

Here’s your sign to pursue a more connected life

Every person (including you!) deserves to be a part of the community in their own style. Through inclusive programs that break down barriers, join a diverse range of events and activities intentionally designed to engage people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.


Browse upcoming events here or get in touch to learn more about local community programs across Karratha, Port Hedland, Newman and Kalgoorlie.

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