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Awesome group activities for people with disabilities

Whether it’s exploring your creative side with an art class, catching a movie or trying your luck at fishing for the day. You’ll find enriching, engaging and exciting group activities, day programs and community events across Karratha, Kalgoorlie, Port Hedland and Newman. Come join us!

Social connection

Inclusive events

Community excursions

Hub-based leisure activities

Night lights

If you’re 18+, join your new mates for a night out. Our crew will show you their favourite places while you expand your social horizons


Think building a planter box or an outdoor bench and learning how to use new tools


Versatile Independence Building Experience – learn about the community you live in through connections with local organisations

Life hack

Learn valuable skills to empower your everyday actions. 

Get physical

Bask in the sunshine, get moving and try a new sport, game or outdoor activity in the name of fun


Explore the local parklands, waterways and beaches on weekend excursions to the great outdoors ft. fishing or picnics

Game zone

Belt out a tune on SingStar with new friends, or battle your way through Minecraft. Board game, anyone?

Prime time

Curling up with a cuppa and a yarn more your style? Sit back for quality time with like-minded people

Art studio @ Roebourne TAFE

Explore your creative side with guided art lessons using a range of materials and create pieces you adore

Movie night

Catch the latest rom coms, comedies or thrillers (if you’re feeling adventurous!) with snacks under the big screen

Head Chef club

Get involved in cultural cooking, celebrate significant days through food and learn a new skill with fresh dishes created together

Every day, a new adventure awaits

Experience a diverse range of activities beneath disco lights, out in the sunshine or simply cosied up with a cuppa.


Each week, 5 hub-based activities are run in Karratha. With a range of activities rolled out across Kalgoorlie, Port Hedland and Newman. Stay tuned!


Look forward to your next community activity with EPIC

Your friendly team at EPIC keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the neighbourhood. Or, reach out with any questions about upcoming group activities for people with disabilities to learn more.


Ready to create your next artwork, learn how to cook a new dish or simply explore with a road trip? Even lead a hub activity? As an EPIC participant, your options are endless!


Enquire online or call us today.

Get amongst the good times with day programs suited to you

Experience what’s possible when you broaden your horizons.


A full, rich life calls for connection, camaraderie and learning new things. This variety of leisure activities is designed to offer a holistic approach to your social life. We’d love to welcome you into the neighbourhood.

To learn more, get in touch online – or by phone on (08) 9185 0000.

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