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How can we empower you?
Here at EPIC, we support you to live a more connected life through a range of NDIS disability services and community programs. We support over 1000 clients in the regions with disability, community and employment outcomes. Think: in-home care, respite, transport, employment opportunities, pathways to independence, community connections and more. Our team calls Regional Western Australia home and are experts in all the area has to offer. Because of this, your personally-matched supports come backed by invaluable local knowledge.
Your EPIC services under one roof

Disability support for  the modern world

Disability Support

Your life, your way.


Welcome to the EPIC options ahead, here to connect you with a life you love. Because everybody is different (the world’s better for it!), our services, frequencies and delivery styles are designed especially for you. Check out some of the disability support services we offer.


Community programs to the beat of your drum

Community Programs

Enhance your world with opportunities through sustainable programs.


All designed to lower barriers, build resilience and enhance your skills. With strong working relationships on the ground, begin to fulfil your potential through ongoing community connection, a growing network and strategic planning for your future.


Support coordination services for brighter horizons

Support Coordination

Suited to all people in the community, support coordination connects you with employment, education, health, financial and justice departments to empower you to achieve your goals.

Not sure where to start?

Here’s your first step.


Sometimes you just want to speak to a real person, about your real circumstances, and get real answers.


Let’s begin the conversation!

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