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Covid-19 Updates

We have challenging times ahead of us, but together we can slow the spread by following the COVID-19 guidelines. At EPIC, we are particularly concerned for our participants and their immediate families, our staff, and our community. Despite these unprecedented times, our priority remains the same, which is to care for and support our team, clients, and community.

EPIC is keeping abreast with the Federal government directives around how we maintain supports for our clients in a safe manner. We have implemented the following measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all.

a. All persons who have returned from overseas travel from midnight Monday 16th March 2020, or who have been in contact with people that have returned from overseas travel are required by the government to self-isolate for a period of 14 days. All people who come under this category are not permitted to enter any EPIC building.

b. All persons who experience or show signs of flu-like symptoms are to immediately seek medical advice and call or send an SMS (text) to their Line Manager who will contact them. All persons who show these symptoms are not to come into any EPIC premises until cleared to do so from the medical authority and Line Management.

c. EPIC encourages all persons who are experiencing flu-like symptoms to follow the advice of WA Health. Please do not come to the EPIC office or continue with supports until you have medical clearance.

d. EPIC staff are to keep themselves updated and adhere to precautionary measures for the safety and wellbeing of all.

e. Any staff member in any doubt as to what action to take when providing support, should contact their direct Line Manager for advice. If they are not available, contact the Operations Manager on 04368 139 652.

f. EPIC and other organizations are minimizing group meetings, we are assessing each group meeting and are being arranged via video conferencing, skype, zoom, etc or are being canceled or postponed to a later date

g. EPIC is providing additional gloves, hand cleaning items and encouraging everyone to practice good hygiene, including:
I. washing your hands often with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.
II. using tissue and covering the mouth when coughing/sneezing and disposing of the tissue appropriately.
III. avoid close contact with others (where practicable) such as touching.

h. All EPIC vehicles will be supplied with a hygiene pack to include gloves, hand wash, and antibacterial wipes. At the completion of using a vehicle (office staff) or at the end of your shift you are to complete the following procedure:
I. Put on gloves, wipe down all door handles (inside and out), steering wheel, and major areas of the vehicle that you and the person you are supporting have been in contact with. The vehicle is to be hygienically clean when you finish your shift.
II. No personal items or rubbish is to be left in the vehicle.
III. Finally, the key and keyring are to be cleaned with the antibacterial wipe prior to handing over to either the EPIC reception, another staff member, an office drawer, or a keypress in all offices throughout the Pilbara. All offices are to sanitize the areas where they hold keys, whether it be a keypress or drawer.

i. EPIC will be limiting staff access to our office locations –
I. Support workers should call or book a digital meeting where possible rather than entering an EPIC office.
II. Office staff will be required to work solely from one office space and not visit any other office

This is an extremely sensitive issue for all, and as we are faced with a global pandemic, we are seeing many people fearful, in despair, and not knowing what to do. Please try to keep all conversations positive and if you or someone you know is feeling anxious, call the information line below:

National Coronavirus Helpline

Call this line if you are seeking information on coronavirus (COVID-19). The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Contact type: Department of Health
Telephone: 1800 020 080

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