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Information Management

As a registered NDIS provider we need to keep a record of your information to ensure you are provided with a quality service and to enable us to meet our safeguarding

responsibilities. An EPIC employee will seek your consent to provide your information and ask you if you have any concerns or requests about the way your personal information will be recorded or managed. We will make a record of your name, address, contact details, and information we need to deliver a quality service, including information about your disability. We will make a record of each time we have contact with you and keep records on how you are progressing towards achieving your goals. Your records are kept digitally on our secured internal Ethernet and are treated in accordance with privacy legislation and our Information Management Policy and Procedures.

We will not share your personal information with anyone without your written permission unless we have concerns for your safety or are obliged by law. Examples include reportable incidents to the NDIS Commission, mandatory reporting of child protection concerns, and unauthorised use of restrictive practices or allegations of abuse or neglect. You can ask to view your EPIC record at any time and you are always at liberty to correct the information held about you. Photo/audio/video will only be taken if you have signed a consent form and agree for your photo/audio/video to be used by EPIC.




EPIC is committed to collecting, keeping, and disposing of client records in ways that protect privacy and ensure confidentiality is maintained.

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