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Connect with your perfect-fit NDIS allied health professionals

Did you know that your NDIS plan manager can connect you with a wide range of allied health professionals? It’s true! Taking your preferences, personal situation and goals for the future into account – explore the possibilities with a growing neighbourhood of trusted health care experts.
As a registered NDIS provider, we’re here to connect you with the right allied health services for you to live a more empowered, meaningful and exciting life.

Develop independence

Reach your goals

Move forward with empowerment

Match with dream providers

From physiotherapy to finding your favourite musical instrument

NDIS allied health providers are varied and span a range of industries designed to assist with physical and mental health services such as diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.


Connect with your dream team across regional Western Australia.

Trumpet Player

Based on your individual NDIS plan, funded allied health services may include


Speech Pathology



Occupational Therapists

Social Workers

Rehabilitation Counsellors






Super Health Food

How connecting with NDIS allied health professionals works

To begin, enquire with us online or give us a call. From here, we can see where you’re at with your NDIS application (if you haven’t started yet, that’s okay too!). We’ll guide you through to the right next step for you.

If you choose to have your NDIS plan managed through EPIC, you’ll be connected with a specialist support coordinator (SSC). From here you’ll be connected with allied health professionals based on your needs, goals and preferences. Easy!

It’s time to meet your dream team of NDIS allied health legends

Allied health professionals allow you to live your most confident, comfortable and healthy life. You’re always provided with the tools, conversations and little bits in between to make sure your choice is an informed one.


Click the button below or call us on (08) 9185 0000 to get started.

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