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A warm welcome to some fresh faces!

If you had to describe the EPIC team, a few words come to mind. Friendly, fun-loving and focussed are some. We’re also dedicated, considerate and harness an innate passion to give back to the community and help people like you to achieve your goals.

This month we'd like to issue a warm welcome to:

Amanda Drummond (Karratha Career Coordinator) - In Amanda’s world, one thing’s for sure: cheese is life. When she’s not helping people gain employment, you’ll find her sleeping in, reading, playing the ukelele and catching up on Denzel Washington’s latest movie.

Jo Lewis (Karratha Career Coordinator) - She’s a chocolate lover. She’s an EPIC culture lover. She’s a bit of a clown. She’s Jo Lewis! When she’s not defending country music or dreaming of Channing Tatum’s abs, Jo’s advocating for the Jobs & Skills Centre which is such an underutilised FREE resource in the region!

Kelly Gould (Hedland Career Coordinator) - A loyal friend. A sport-loving mum to boys. A fan of the Dalai Lama. Kelly feels privledged to meet so many awesome people at EPIC and get to work with an amazing team!

As well as Danielle Whitby (Hedland Community Support Administrator) and Emma Cooper (Newman Community Coordinator) and Danni Bishop (Newman Community Support Administrator).

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