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Inclusive community events and programs in regional Western Australia

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

EPIC partnered with several agencies to deliver a range of parenting workshops, most recently in collaboration with Dampier Playgroup to deliver Raising a Happy Eater and Toileting Tips. Our Newman team continues to work with community services to address on the ground family support and be a friendly face at public information sessions and collaboration meetings.

Did you know that 30% of our Parenting Programs are delivered online? Most recently a series of 9 customised online sessions in partnership with Ngala have been delivered to support Newman families leading to some meaningful discussions.

Pictured above: In addition to our Parenting Programs, our JSC team have not left any stone unturned this month, external delivery of our Jobs and Skills services have been a great success! This month has seen a focus on youth engagement, aboriginal jobseeker mentorship, and an outreach program to aboriginal students in Roebourne.

The Stall in the Mall had an up-to-date job board for people stopping by to see what’s available in Karratha and book in with our JSC team for further employment and training support. Keep your eyes peeled for our next stall in the mall coming this month (dates below).

To stay across our Jobs and Skills Center updates, Karratha JSC has created a fortnightly newsletter to support our job seeker engagement and employer recruitment support. Check out the link and read all about all things JSC Karratha. Karratha Jobs & Skills Newsletter (

What’s happening this month!

JSC Careers Café – The Good Grocer every Thursday 9am-1am

JSC Stall in the Mall – Karratha Shopping Centre 22nd April 9am-2pm

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