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Kicking Goals!

Our EPIC Karratha participant Mary has been volunteering at One Tree MIllars Well Children’s Service since November 2021 and has this year taken on a new role with the Children’s Service.

She asked to work in the kitchen as she thoroughly enjoys cooking and being in her element there. For Mary to take on this role within the Kitchen she has had to complete the I’m Alert in Food Safety Course. Ally is the Kitchen Coordinator at One Tree Millars Well is the mentor for Mary and has been supporting her to learn the routine and the tasks that were required of her. Being a kitchen coordinator in a Children’s Service is quite a demanding role and Mary has been fulfilling her role amazingly. Mary gets to deliver the meals to each of the rooms at the Children’s Service having the opportunity to engage with the children and see their smiling faces, they love it when they have visitors to their rooms.

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