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Our team is leveling up

The team in Kalgoorlie was fortunate enough to attend the recent Cultural Awareness Workshop delivered by You and I – NYUNU NGAYU. The training provided valuable insight into the history of our local Aboriginal people and the challenges and barriers still being faced today. The workshop was arranged as part of the Working Together Program that is delivered by the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce, with the aim of expanding work opportunities for young, local Aboriginal people by talking with and educating local businesses. We look forward to further training opportunities for our team with NYUNU NGAYU.

Kalgoorlie also had two Support Workers complete an Understanding Dementia Course developed by the Dementia Research and Education Centre at University of Tasmania. This was a 3-month undertaking covering 5 modules and has equipped the staff with an understanding of the fundamentals of dementia and how to provide the best quality of care for people living with dementia.

“The training was really good and it added a lot of deeper understanding regarding dementia, not only about the diagnosis or about the brain but the about the person we are caring for. Understanding the person helps us to provide the best service and help them live the best quality of life that they deserve.” - One of the courses participants, Mary

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