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Overcoming EPIC challenges

Last month saw us experiencing first-hand the challenges of providing services in the face of COVID-19. Thankfully we were able to engage critical workers to continue providing necessary supports to a participant who tested positive for COVID-19. The support team really rallied together to ensure continuity of service and were able to adhere to the recommended guidelines. Thankfully the participant recovered well with no serious symptoms, and they all are relieved to no longer need to wear full PPE. We'd like to issue a big thank you to our Support Workers for stepping up in this space and being willing to provide the highest level of care to someone in need as well as maintaining a person-centered approach.

The East Pilbara region, in particular, hasn't been without its own challenges during this past month with Covid-19 very prevalent within the local community.

EPIC staff have embraced the Covid-19 restrictions and PPE protocols to enable them to continue offering invaluable supports and services to participants.

Whilst we have seen a few participants suspend services due to the Covid-19, as a general rule a majority of participants continue to successfully receive their modified supports.

These changes have allowed us to look at different avenues to provide art, social engagement and community supports in all of our locations. Some of the alternative solutions that have been suggested are online YouTube classes, be it in dance, yoga, or art to name a few. Participants have also been supported to utilize click and collect and online shopping, engage in supports with external services through teams/zoom meetings, and with the weather cooling down, spending more time outdoors, where the mask restrictions are a bit more relaxed.

Again, we'd like to issue a big thank you to our dedicated team of Support Workers, who continue to provide these supports during these challenging times.

Also, to our amazing participants who have embraced regular RAT testing and mask-wearing mandates. Whilst in the same stride have easily adapted to temporary changes of what their social supports look like to them and taking their personal protection in the form of wearing masks to heart.

The Roebourne hub has re-opened after being closed for a few weeks due to the COVID-19 that had impacted the local community of Roebourne. Many of our families in the Roebourne area were unfortunately impacted by what appeared to be a wave of the virus.

We are very lucky to have such a caring and amazing Support Worker in Jade who was doing daily checks on our participants and families that were affected by COVID-19, she was taking on the shopping for families and put together activity/art packs for our participants so that they had something to keep them occupied during this time.

Over the past week, we have been blessed to have some wonderful partners of our staff that have been out to the Roebourne Hub and installed a ramp; hang whiteboards/pinboards; a TV; hand paper towel dispensers, and soap dispensers. We appreciate the community support that our partners have provided us which has allowed us to continue to provide excellent service to our participants and their families. Thank you to Shane, Alex, and Dave.

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